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Saturday, August 3rd from 9 AM – 5 PM

Courtyard by Marriott – 1320 Caraway Court, Largo Maryland

Learn From Seminar Master and Founder of Circle of Champions, Bob Yates how you can turn your knowledge, experience, personal story … and even your setbacks into cash in the bank!

Did you know that your wealth is already inside of you? It’s in you right now in the form of books, CDs, DVDs, seminars, workshops, coaching programs and more. Unfortunately, most people never unlock the rich treasures of wealth that lives inside of them.

The information marketing business has exploded over the last few decades and now it’s time for you to cash in on the most lucrative business on the planet. In the dynamic seminar created by master trainer, Bob Yates, you will learn the secrets of how to instantly turn WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW in to cash in your bank accounts. Yes, you can make big money creating and marketing your own information products.

Impact: You will reach people with your info products who will never meet in your lifetime. Creating digital information products that can be consumed online is the best way to reach a global market with you message and build your brand as a speaker.

Income: For most speakers, more than 50% of their income comes from “back of the room” sales. Creating information products is the #1 way to double, triple or even quadruple your income as a speaker, trainer or coach.


Brand: When you began creating information products such as books, CDs, DVDs, seminars, courses etc, people will perceive you as a professional or expert on your topic. As a result, your influence and income will rise.

Legacy: My personal reason for creating information products is so that my voice will never leave the planet. Creating info products is a way to assure that you will leave a lasting legacy of knowledge and wisdom for future generations.

About The Host

Learn from the Seminar Champion!

Bob Yates is an international speaker, trainer, entrepreneur and phenomenal seminar leader. He has conducted hundreds of live sold-out events and given over 3300 presentations and created over 70 information products. Bob has cracked the code and knows first hand what it takes to succeed in the speaking business! Starting from scratch and a compelling vision to transform lives, he has successfully built his own personal development speaking empire that touches thousands nationally and internationally each year!

Bob has been the featured guest on numerous radio shows and national platforms and routinely works with many of the top performers in the personal development and speaking industry. 

Having a vision beyond his own success, Bob has shared his Circle of Champions platform with more than 300 speakers over the past several years and has helped over 40 of his students to become International speakers in the last three years.. Get ready, you could be next!


What’s in this power-packed weekend for you?

Writing a book will give you CREDIBILITY AND AUTHORITY in Your Niche. Published authors receive better opportunities, more invites for solo speaking engagements, radio shows and appearances on stage with other experts in your field.


At this event, you will learn how to finally get your book done, get published and get paid for your knowledge, expertise or personal story.


Full Day Speaker Boot Camp

More Details 

DMV Speakers and Authors Weekend Event: (Additional details will also be sent to you via email confirmation upon successful registration!)

Who should attend? This event is for speakers, trainers, seminar leaders, entrepreneurs, infopreneurs, coaches and all who want to build a lucrative income through speaking while transforming the lives of others.

Event Time: Saturday, August 3rd from  9:00 AM to 5 PM (give or take 30 min) Registration will begin at 8:30 AM on Saturday morning. Seminar starts at 9 AM. Dress code: business casual.

Seminar Location: The Courtyard by Marriott – 1320 Caraway Court, Largo, Maryland 20774. To purchase your tickets for this event, please use the links below.

Seating is limited. Register early to secure your seat at this event and pass this information on to everyone who wants to turn their knowledge into wealth.

Note: Discounted tickets and “at seminar” specials are non-refundable after 7 days. Ticket amount will be credited toward future Circle of Champions and Women in Business events.

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Participants must pre-register. Seating is extremely limited.

Note: Turn Your Knowledge Into Wealth is NOT just a normal seminar or workshop. This seminar contains high-end insider information that will put you at the top of your game as a speaker or trainer. With what you will learn at this event, you can immediately go out and create new information products that will put more cash in your bank accounts.

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What others are saying about our Speaker Training Events


Theresa Royal-Brown, President, Entrepreneurs & Professional Network

One word sums up Circle of Champions Speaker Training; Amazing! I was inspired, encouraged and motivated! Speak Your Way to Success gave me more confidence and helped me hone my speaking skills I appreciate all the knowledge Bob imparted to us. I was very impressed with the entire weekend and highly recommend it to everyone!


Francine Shaw - MD, Business Strategist, Financial Consultant

Bob, I know that whatever you did was going to be good. However, this was awesome!! The information you provided to us will help me get to my million dollar goal within 2 years planned. I don’t believe you should change anything!


Bea Stanback - MD

All I can say is wow! Everything was done with excellence and I learned so much info. It was packed with solid info and tips. I can say a great deal of my public speaking fear was erased. Most of all, it was fun!


Shari Hill, NC - Seminar Leader and Event Host

My expectations have been met and exceeded! Thank you so much for your impactful, information and transformational workshop. I know with assured confidence that I am prepared to speak and make a dynamic presentation. Thank you for your God-inspired vision and your obedience to your purpose.


Tina Stith-Twine - Author, Speaker and Radio Personality

This was a phenomenal event. It was insightful and it broadened my mind to endless possibilities that are there for speakers. Bob Yates has a gift that needs to be shared with the world. And he enjoys sharing and blessing others with his message.

Thank you, Bob and Circle of Champions!!!

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