Create Your Signature Talk Special Offers with Bob Yates and Annetta Wilson.

A signature talk is NOT a speech or sales presentation. It’s a business tool to attract clients. Your signature talk is your key business presentation that incorporates your core brand message, brand themes, point of view and story. It’s what you want to be known for, it’s a way to position yourself as an expert and it’s a method for selling your products and services.


How does a signature talk set you up for success? When you have a signature talk, you’re positioned as the expert on that topic. You literally stand out in the room. People remember you. Having a signature talk:

  • Gives you more visibility
  • Grows your list
  • Gets your message out to more people
  • Provides an opportunity to introduce people to your products and services

And all these things will allow you to make more money in your business.

Bob Yates and Annetta Wilson have a combined 60 years in public speaking and have delivered over 6000+ presentations to business groups, churches, corporations, universities and various organizations around the country. Both have done so without being famous or having advanced degrees or designations from speaker associations. 

Payment Options
Payment Options

                                   Create Your Signature Talk – VIP

  • One Hour Coaching w/ Annetta Wilson – Create Your Talk – ($1000 Value)

  • Annetta Will Walk You Through Her Paint by Numbers “Create Your Talk System”

  • Annetta Will Write Your Speaker Introduction – ($700 Value)

  • Make a Killer First Impression – Elevator Speech Digital Download

  • The Anatomy of a Presentation Blueprint


     ***************************** HOT BONUSES **************************


  • 45 Minute Coaching with Bob Yates – Monetize Your Talk ($2000 Value) – (Pay in Full Bonus)

  • Speaking for Profit – “How I Made My First Million Dollars Speaking” (Priceless)

  • Access to COC Success Mastery Academy Series 10 Programs – $897 Value

  • Access to Tonight’s Zoom Conference – Private Link to Video

                                 Create Your Signature Talk – Silver

  • One Hour Coaching w/ Annetta Wilson – Signature Story – ($1000 Value)

  • Annetta Wilson Tips on Networking to Get Booked and Paid – ($700 Value)

  • Annetta Wilson Creates Your Elevator Pitch – Done For You ($1000 Value)

  • How to Read Your Audience and Know What to Say (Advanced Coaching)

  • Ideas for Creating Content (Annetta’s Secret Sauce)

  • Annetta Wilson Mindset Coaching – Remove The Barriers

          ***************************** HOT BONUSES **************************

  • One Hour Coaching with Bob – Build Your Speaking Empire ($2000 Value)

  • Speaking for Profit “How I Made a Million Dollars Speaking” (Priceless)

  • 6 Month VIP Membership to Champions Speakers Academy ($2000 Value)


Refund Policy: Because of steeply discounted rates, all refund request on Zoom Conference product offers and Covid-19 specials must be made within 7 days of purchase. Thank you for your business and for choosing Circle of Champions Seminars. We delight in serving you!

What others are saying about our Speaker Training Events


Theresa Royal-Brown, President, Entrepreneurs & Professional Network

One word sums up Circle of Champions Speaker Training; Amazing! I was inspired, encouraged and motivated! Speak Your Way to Success gave me more confidence and helped me hone my speaking skills I appreciate all the knowledge Bob imparted to us. I was very impressed with the entire weekend and highly recommend it to everyone!


Francine Shaw - MD, Business Strategist, Financial Consultant

Bob, I know that whatever you did was going to be good. However, this was awesome!! The information you provided to us will help me get to my million dollar goal within 2 years planned. I don’t believe you should change anything!


Bea Stanback - MD

All I can say is wow! Everything was done with excellence and I learned so much info. It was packed with solid info and tips. I can say a great deal of my public speaking fear was erased. Most of all, it was fun!


Shari Hill, NC - Seminar Leader and Event Host

My expectations have been met and exceeded! Thank you so much for your impactful, information and transformational workshop. I know with assured confidence that I am prepared to speak and make a dynamic presentation. Thank you for your God-inspired vision and your obedience to your purpose.


Tina Stith-Twine - Author, Speaker and Radio Personality

This was a phenomenal event. It was insightful and it broadened my mind to endless possibilities that are there for speakers. Bob Yates has a gift that needs to be shared with the world. And he enjoys sharing and blessing others with his message.

Thank you, Bob and Circle of Champions!!!