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Have you dreamed of leading your own seminars, workshops, boot camps or live events but just didn’t know where to start? Or maybe you already conduct your own live events but want to make them

LESS stressful and MORE profitable.


Message from Bob Yates – Founder of COC Seminars

Leading your own seminars, workshops and live events is a wonderful way to reach thousands with your mission and be well compensated for the value you add to others. At Circle of Champions, we have cracked the code on how to structure and lead live events that give excellent value and enjoy great profits at the same time! Our organization has hosted hundreds of live seminars and events. Now we are ready to share some of our best kept secrets with you.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Experienced and aspiring speakers, trainers, entrepreneurs, seminar leaders, coaches, consultants and infopreneurs who want to increase their influence, impact and income through seminars and live events!






The Above List is Just a Snapshot of What You Will Learn!


Want More? Below are other tips, strategies and systems you will learn:


  • Four types of live events and which are most popular and lucrative

  • The big mistake seminar leaders make that keep their events empty

  • Three lead generation strategies for filling your events with your ideal clients

  • How to make BIG money with small seminars and events

  • The hottest topics to speak on to help lots of people and make lots of money

  • How long should my seminar be and what should I sell at my event

  • Create product offers that are exactly what your audience wants

  • How to design and run your own 3-5 day challenge (virtual or live)

  • Too many topics to list here

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(Platinum Guest Only) Platform Selling Secrets (How to double your closing ratios from the stage)










Why You Should Design and Run Your Own Challenge Now!


  • Low Investment of Time and Money (No Meeting Space Rental)

  • Positions You as The Expert/Authority (Credibility builder)

  • Unlimited Reach (National, International, Global Reach)

  • Instant Content Creation (Create Tons of New Live Content)

  • Invite Other Experts to Speak at Your Challenge (Create a Planform for Others)

  • Easy to Monetize (Turn strangers into enthusiastic buyers in 5 days or less)

  • Master a Lucrative New Skill Set (Running a Profitable Challenge is a Skill Set)

And the best part: You will grow as a speaker, trainer and leader




Bob Yates, Annetta Wilson and Special Guest Trainer, Robert Riopel have a combined 80+ years in public speaking and have delivered over 10,000 presentations to business groups, churches, corporations, universities and various organizations around the country. All three have done so without being famous or having advanced degrees or designations from speaker associations. 

Bob Yates – Founder of Circle of Champions Seminars and COC University

Annetta Wilson – Communication Skills Expert, Founder of Speak With Ease

Robert Riopel – International Trainer, Best-Selling Author of “Success Left A Clue.”



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Who should attend? This event is for speakers, trainers, seminar leaders, entrepreneurs, infopreneurs, coaches and all who want to build a lucrative income through seminars, workshops and live events.


*Virtual Sessions: Monday, November 15th through Friday, November 19th (7 PM – 8:30 PM Nightly)


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Note: The Profitable Event Challenge is NOT just a normal live event. This event contains high-end insider information that will put you at the top of your game as a speaker, trainer or event leader. With what you will learn at this event, you can immediately go out and starting conducting your own live events that will put more cash in your bank accounts.


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One word sums up Circle of Champions Speaker Training: AMAZING! “I was inspired, encouraged and motivated! Speak Your Way to Success gave me more confidence and helped me hone my speaking skills. I appreciate all the knowledge Bob imparted to us. I was very impressed with the entire weekend and highly recommend it to everyone!”

Theresa Royale Brown

Event Producer, Premier Events Management

Bob, Your Speak Your Way to Mega Success Program was absolutely “OVER THE TOP!” I learned so much and the opportunities to apply immediately was outstanding. You have given me invaluable tools and I am glad to say I am now a Diamond Member of COC. You are amazing my brother and the best is yet to come.”

– Kevin Marshall, Entrepreneurs 

Kevin Marshall

Program Manager, Lincoln March Industries, LLC

I can’t say enough about this training. Bob gave us more than anyone expected; but not only do you learn from the speakers, you also gain from everyone in attendance. The Champion Speaker Boot Camp creates an environment of growth …. even in areas you weren’t expecting. Thank you Bob Yates for sharing your gift. Well done! I highly recommend this training.

Shari "The Transformer" Hill

Business Coach, Actress and Model, Charlotte, North Carolina

James Malinchak, Featured on ABC Hit Show “Secret Millionaire” talks about Bob Yates and Why You Should Join Circle of Champions.



Bob Yates and the Circle of Champions

This past week I had the honor of sitting under the mentorship of a master trainer, Bob Yates and his Circle of Champions. For three days Bob presented his seminar “Speak Your Way to Mega Success Boot Camp.” The most interesting part was that I didn’t just sit, listen and take notes, I had to actually put into action what Bob was teaching.

Having a 33 year background in teaching I have been exposed to many of the greatest techniques in teaching/training. In my opinion, Bob’s approach is among the best. Too often in the business world when you go to a seminar you go with the expectation of sitting through hours of note taking information. The approach is boring and laborious to maintain your attention. Bob was very refreshing. He knows what he has been through to learn and has turned the focus on the learner rather than the presenter. His activity oriented/hands-on seminar allows the participants to walk away knowing that they can apply what they have learned because they actually have the opportunity to practice in the seminar setting.

His step by step approach allows you to know that you are mastering the process as you go along. You actually leave the seminar with a sense of assurance that you can do it. Why? Because you have actually been placed in the situation of “doing it” at the seminar. Everyone had the opportunity to first work with a small group and then get in front of the total group and make a final presentation. There is nothing better than to have the Experience under the belt. Circle of Champions has one dream and one mission: YOUR SUCCESS!

If you are considering being a speaker or you know your speaking skills need to be sharpened, I highly recommend Bob Yates’ Circle of Champions seminars. Robert Adams, Entrepreneur and CEO Space Club President

Rob Adams

Entrepreneur, Heart to Heart Couples

My experience being a member of Circle of Champions! “If someone were to ask me, who is Bob Yates and what is so inspiring about Circle of Champions, I would simply say to them….Until I joined Circle of Champions, I had the typical impression of the organization: another one of those…It wasn’t until I became more involve to see how remarkably effective it was to be a part of a family of champions. Bob Yates, a Visionary Chief Executive with entrepreneurial force engaging not only thousands of individuals but also destined to build a strong burgeoning network. Captivating seminars such as Dare to Dream, Born to Speak, The Art of Entrepreneurship and a host of Round Table events have been thoroughly hands on. Dynamic members like The “Diamond Family”, COC Speakers/Authors and Entrepreneurs, Mac Burton, and Katrina Ferguson; motivational speaker and coach,” James Cooper and his lovely wife; and network coach Emmy Vickers just to name a few; They all carry the “Champion’s DNA” that is so powerful and inspiring. Ever since I have been a part of COC my life continues to excel on the path to significance, purpose and success. I thank God for His leading. The ongoing power packed training, seminars, mentoring/personal development programs, and coaching team adds a tremendous amount of personal value. It feels great to be joined to a family of champions that look forward to changing lives daily. It is our mission. It is our calling. A winner, A champion for life” Alisha Stewart – Entrepreneur, Diamond Level Member for Life

Alisha Stewart

Financial Consultant, Well Care Essentials



My experience at “Speak Your Way to Success” was invaluable! it helped me break through barriers that have been holding me back. It allowed me to face one of my biggest fears head on — public speaking! This seminar was also more validation that leaving my job was what I needed to do and opened my eyes to seeing God truly has a purpose/destiny for me. I realized that my very fear is what God is calling me to do. Thank you COC Seminars!

Christine St. Vil

Speaker-Trainer, Founder of Social Scoop

Speak your own Way to Mega Success with Bob Yates & Circle of Champions was simply inspiring and cutting edge!! I came away with crucial information on how to build and grow a successful Speaking Business. It was phenomenal to see the improvement in skills from one day to the next. Whether our desire was to become a full time Professional Speaker of just improve on our message, Speak Your Way to Mega Success was the ideal launching point.”

Kimberly Fairly

Professional Speaker-Trainer

Bob is a man a of great vision. A man of his word. An excellent public speaker with a message that every business owner need to hear. As a result of attending Circle of Champions “How to Start and Succeed in Your Own Business”, and other COC classes, Bob helped me gain a a clearer vision of what God wants my company to become.

I would highly recommend that each of you to become a member of Circle of Champions Entrepreneurs Network.

James Silver

Financial Services Profession

One of the most phenomenal leaders I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I absolutely love his teaching methods. How Mr. Yates is able to translate information so simplistically would absolutely wow you. I am recommending him to everyone I know especially those interested in personal development and taking their life to the next level. I love that Mr. Yates use of the good book as his success roadmap. I am ever grateful for this Divine connection. 

McAuthor Burton

Professional Speaker-Trainer

How to Start and Succeed in Your Own Business was an awesome! Mr. Yates shared a wealth of information that ignited a fire to help me with my business.

I thank God for the gift, wisdom, & favor of God in Mr. Yates’s life that causes him to share and be passionate about educating, promoting, & building others.

Job well done!

Karissa Spann

Landlord and Tenant Coach, Adjunct Professor of Property Management

The Circle of Champions Business Course was fantastic! I learned the information and tools that I needed to successfully launch my own business. The contacts made with other business owners through networking has provided me with new resources and increased my profit potential.

Keisha Carroll

On Air Personality, RBG Network