The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt worldwide. Families as well as small and large businesses have been hit hard by this crisis and many are struggling just to stay afloat during this economic crisis. These resources are designed to help you unlock your creativity to create new income streams during these tough economic times.

People that have only one stream of income (mainly a job) are in a serious danger zone. Everyone needs multiple means of generating income to survive and thrive in our present economy.


Creating Multiple Streams of Income will unlock your true wealth building potential, show you how to spot money making opportunities and turn your gifts and ideas into lucrative new income streams! The first two audios will turn on your creative mind and aid you in spotting lucrative income opportunities. The second two audios “Work Your Thang” will show you how to use your God-given gifts, talents and ideas (things you already possess) to generate lucrative income streams. 

Tapping Your Secret Wealth

by Bob Yates | Multiple Streams of Income

Money Secrets - PT1

by Bob Yates | Work Your Thang!

Turning Ideas into Income

by Bob Yates | Multiple Streams of Income

Money Secrets - PT2

by Bob Yates | Work Your Thang!

This bonus audio clip was taken from a live economic empowerment seminar for entrepreneurs and business leaders. In this episode, seminar master Bob Yates teaches biblical principles to achieving financial freedom. Listen and enjoy.

Achieving Financial Freedom

by Bob Yates | Economic Empowerment Seminar


Circle of Champions is committed to wiping out financial illiteracy for all who are willing to learn. All who achieve financial freedom understand the importance of having multiple streams of income and have basic financial knowledge. Here a few financial terms you need to know.

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