Being stuck in a dead-end job can and will make you miserable! Not only will it make you miserable but it will keep you from ever discovering your true financial potential. There has never been a better time than now to say YES to your entrepreneurial dreams.

Here’s what From Employee to Entrepreneur will do for you:


Give you the knowledge, skills and an exit strategy to successfully make your transition from employee to entrepreneur in 12 months or less


Show you how to channel your entrepreneurial energy into the perfect business vehicle that will give you personal fulfillment and satisfaction


Teach you the skill of money-making without a job so that you never have to work for someone else again for the rest of your life.




Circle of Champions is committed to wiping out financial illiteracy for all who are willing to learn. All who achieve financial freedom understand the importance of having multiple streams of income as a foundation for achieving financial freedom. Here a few financial terms you need to know and a sneak peak of the virtual boot camp.

We hope you enjoyed the content on this page. Circle of Champions is committed to helping you achieve financial freedom through activating your God-given gifts, talents, ideas and knowledge. To learn more, register for our free Multiple Streams of Income virtual boot camp below. 

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