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Influence and Impact Live Zoom Conference with Bob Yates and Annetta Wilson.

Yes, You Can Become a Communication Powerhouse!

How you communicate when people ask you about your business will either compel them to want to do business with you or repel them. You only have seconds to get people interested in you and your services.



At the conference, Circle of Champions Seminars Founder and business strategist, Bob Yates and Communication Skills Expert, Annetta Wilson will show you how YOU can communicate like a pro and have new clients “lining up” to do business with you.

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What others are saying about our Speaker Training Events


Theresa Royal-Brown, President, Entrepreneurs & Professional Network

One word sums up Circle of Champions Speaker Training; Amazing! I was inspired, encouraged and motivated! Speak Your Way to Success gave me more confidence and helped me hone my speaking skills I appreciate all the knowledge Bob imparted to us. I was very impressed with the entire weekend and highly recommend it to everyone!


Francine Shaw - MD, Business Strategist, Financial Consultant

Bob, I know that whatever you did was going to be good. However, this was awesome!! The information you provided to us will help me get to my million dollar goal within 2 years planned. I don’t believe you should change anything!


Bea Stanback - MD

All I can say is wow! Everything was done with excellence and I learned so much info. It was packed with solid info and tips. I can say a great deal of my public speaking fear was erased. Most of all, it was fun!


Shari Hill, NC - Seminar Leader and Event Host

My expectations have been met and exceeded! Thank you so much for your impactful, information and transformational workshop. I know with assured confidence that I am prepared to speak and make a dynamic presentation. Thank you for your God-inspired vision and your obedience to your purpose.


Tina Stith-Twine - Author, Speaker and Radio Personality

This was a phenomenal event. It was insightful and it broadened my mind to endless possibilities that are there for speakers. Bob Yates has a gift that needs to be shared with the world. And he enjoys sharing and blessing others with his message.

Thank you, Bob and Circle of Champions!!!