Every entrepreneur needs a dynamic sales strategy to attract and retain customers in today’s hyper-competitive business environment. You have to be on top of the latest trends in sales techniques to thrive …. especially in the midst of a pandemic.

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Who should attend? This event is for new and current business owners, speakers, authors, coaches and all who want to master the game of sales, close with confidence and generate new income in their business.


Get Ready for Another Amazing COC Experience!

Learn The Secrets of How You Can Build Your Own Profitable Business From Our Team With Over 60 Years Experience and Millions in Sales!


Topics We’ve Covered in This Boot Camp::



✔️ How to Master The Inner Game of Sales and Marketing

✔️ How to Stop Selling One to One and Sell One to Many

✔️ Get More Yeses Every You Offer Your Product or Service

✔️ How to Become a Money Magnet and Attract Bigger Deals

✔️ The Only Reason You Don’t Like Selling and How to Fix It

✔️ How To Become 100% Sold on Your Product or Service

✔️ How to Double Your Sales … Without Chasing Clients

✔️ Build a Tailored “Irresistible Offer” for Your Ideal Clients

✔️ The #1 Client Attraction Strategy That Works in 2022

✔️ How to Turn Total Strangers into Enthusiastic Buyers

✔️ Keep Your Vibe High to Confidently Close Big Deals

✔️ Bob’s Million Dollar Bank-Busting Marketing Secret Revealed


Plus: Learn How To Sell Your Knowledge, Experience and Expertise

Sales Mastery for Business Owners will take place on Tuesday, March 7th from 7 PM to 8:30 PM. This session will be held virtual via Zoom and Facebook. Register below.

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Meet Bob Yates, Founder of Circle of Champions Seminars and COC University. Over 40 Years Experience and Millions in Sales!


What’s In This Leading-Edge Boot Camp For You:


🔥 Lifetime Entrepreneur and Business Strategist

🔥 Business Strategist and Coach

🔥 International Speaker and Trainer

🔥 Never Worked a Job

🔥 Built Multiple Companies from Scratch

🔥 Founder of COC University Worldwide

🔥 Creator of over 130 Information Products

🔥 Creator of 16 Business Courses

🔥 Over 5000 Presentations

🔥 Lover of God

🔥 Faith-Based Kingdom Entrepreneur