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Turbo-Charge The Second Half of Your Year at COC’s 5-Day Breakthrough Challenge!

Tuesday, June 29th thru Friday, July 2nd

Circle of Champions Zoom & Face Book Live Conference



Breakthroughs are those moments in time when the impossible becomes possible. If anyone wants to thrive in any area of their life, they must reach a point of breakthrough where they will not settle for anything less than extraordinary in that area. Whether you want a breakthrough in your business, social life, emotional well-being, health, finances or career, there are simple and yet very specific keys to getting your personal breakthrough.


No matter what area of your life you need a breakthrough in, don’t miss Circle of Champions Free 5-Day Breakthrough Challenge with our all-star lineup of champion entrepreneurs and super achievers.


Take The 5-Day Breakthrough Challenge

You Have Already Had Many Breakthroughs


Breakthrough: (1) An achievement made after a time of great difficulty. (2) A sudden dramatic advance or step forward. (3) A quantum leap! Now is the time for YOUR breakthrough!


Where do you most need a breakthrough? ✔ Spiritually ✔ Mentally-Mindset ✔ Physical-Health ✔ Money-Financial ✔ Relationships ✔ Business-Career ✔ Personal Life




Imagine that you only had 5 years to live. What would you change about how you live? What have you always wanted to do that you haven’t done yet? Maybe you dream of traveling the world, building a successful business, becoming a published author, or starting a ministry.


Let’s take it one step further. DO YOU HAVE ANY OUTRAGEOUS DREAMS like having your own TV show, building a global business, becoming a multi-millionaire, or feeding millions of hungry people?


The pandemic of 2020 taught us a lot. We learned that life as we know it can change in a heartbeat and that tomorrow is not promised. The time to say “Yes” to your dreams is now! At COC, we believe that God has a BIG tailor-made dream for you and wants to partner with you to fulfill it. 


This event is for you if you want to fulfill your God-Inspired dreams in 2021 and beyond. It’s for you if you want to make your biggest comeback ever from setbacks in 2020. If you follow the blueprint presented at this challenge, your breakthrough is guaranteed!

The Master of Teaching You To Break Through Your Barriers!

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Robert Riopel is an international trainer, best-selling author and entrepreneur who has spent the last 18+ years traveling around the world impacting and training thousands of trainers on how to be authentic and impactful from the stage!


Robert specializes in developing six and seven-figure trainers with his Authority Key Formula. He has been blessed to share the stage with the top speakers and trainers in the U.S. and around the world. Now he is coming to COC to train you.


Robert Riopel

Robert Riopel – Entrepreneur, International Trainer, Best Selling Author of “Success Left a Clue”, Robert has spent the last 18+ years traveling around the world impacting and training thousands of trainers on how to be authentic and impactful from the stage! Now he is coming to COC to train you.


Bob Yates

Bob Yates – International Speaker, Entrepreneur and Founder of Circle of Champions, COC University and Women in Business Network of America. Bob is a master content creator with over 120 digital online products, 14 seminars and leading-edge courses. He helps people achieve their personal dreams by turning their knowledge into profits. 

Annetta Wilson 

Annetta Wilson – Communication Skills Expert. Annetta works with executives and subject matter experts helping them to unsnarl communication roadblocks, power up presentation skills and prepare for media interviews. She has coached on-air journalist at CNN, Disney, Tupperware, Office Depot and AAA.

Dr. Stan Harris

Stan Harris – Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Master Networker. Dr. Stan Harris aka Dr. Breakthrough Has traveled over 3 million miles speaking to crowds as large as 17,000. He uses his 10th-degree Black belt skills to demonstrate how anyone can break through the barriers that try to hinder their success.

Surprise Guests: 


At this exclusive event, you will learn from COC leaders how to breakthrough to your next level in 2021. Here is just a preview of what’s in this event for you:


  • Why Your Breakthrough is Guaranteed … If You Follow This Simple Biblical Blueprint 

  • The 21 Day Formula for Changing Any Habit, Mindset or Barrier That Is Holding You Back

  • How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind to Unlock Your Hidden Potential

  • Experience a Quantum Leap in Your Life, Dreams and Business in The Next 21 Days

  • How to Bounce Back Financially and Turn Your “Setbacks into Greenbacks”

  • Learn to Follow Your Inner Voice and Ignore Your Inner Fears and Doubts

  • How to Become Laser Focused on One Dream, One Vision, One Purpose and One Mission

  • Pandemic Proof Income Strategies for Entrepreneurs, Speakers, and Coaches

  • New Income Streams You Can Create from Home to Boost Your Personal Income

  • How to Defeat “Any” Negative Mindsets and Self-Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

  • How to Earn 1K to 10K a Month Online Teaching What You Love to Teach

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Note: The 5-Day Breakthrough Challenge is NOT just a normal seminar or workshop. This seminar contains high-end insider information that will help you breakthrough any barrier that is holding you back from the life you want.


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