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Be Your Own Boss!

Tuesday, June 14th thru Thursday, June 16th from 7:00 PM – 8:15 PM (Nightly)

Presented by Circle of Champions Seminars


Being stuck in a dead-end job can and will make you miserable! Not only will it make you miserable but it will keep you from ever discovering your true financial potential.
Be Your Own Boss will put you back back in control of your own life and dreams. As the boss, you call the shots! You get to set your own schedule, do work that you love and that is meaningful, and important to you …. while taking the lid off of your income.
This powerful training by Circle of Champions will unlock your true wealth building potential and show you how to make money without a job by turning your gifts, knowledge, experience and ideas into lucrative new income streams! 
Here are four great reasons to become your own boss:
Control Over Your Own Destiny: As a business owner, “you call the shots”. When you trade time for money, you will never have time freedom and control over your own destiny. Being your own boss puts you back in control of your life and gives you freedom to pursue your own personal dreams and goals.
Unlimited Income Potential: As long as you trade time for dollars (working a nine to five job) somebody else will determine your income. Owning your own business and being your own boss removes the limits of how much money you can earn. As a business owner, you can create multiple ways of making money. Having your money coming from different places gives you peace of mind and is necessary to building wealth over time.
Doing work that you love: I love what I do! Many entrepreneurs will tell you that the long hours they invest in growing their business doesn’t feel like work because they’re actually having fun in what they’re doing. It’s their passion. Being your own boss allows you the freedom to build a business around your gifts, talents and personal passion: and the best part …. you get paid for doing something you would do for free! 
Tax Advantages: In addition to being your own boss and enjoying other perks such as setting your own hours, choosing clients and types of work, owning a small business allows you to take advantage of various tax credits and deductions. 

Yes, where do I sign up. I am ready to be the boss!

Learn From Entrepreneur and Founder of Circle of Champions, Bob Yates and the COC Team how you be your own boss and take charge of your future.

Yes, You Can Be Your Own Boss!


Here is just a preview of what’s in this program for you:


💰 Five signs it’s time for you to become your own boss

💰 Seven ways entrepreneurs think differently than employees

💰 What to know before you go – How to plan your exit strategy

💰 Selecting the perfect business – Your passion + profitability = wealth

💰 The new rules of business – How to play and win in the new economy

💰 The biggest obstacle that you will face in business and how to beat it

💰 Two things that hardly anyone ever teaches about money making

💰 Creating wealth WITHOUT a job Replacing your traditional income

💰 How to have success and financial freedom in the business that you love



What this training will do for you:


  • Be Your Own Boss will give you the knowledge, skills, and an exit strategy to successfully transition from employee to entrepreneur.

  • Show you how to channel your entrepreneurial energy into the perfect business vehicle that will give you personal fulfillment and satisfaction.

  • Teach you the skill of money-making without a job so that you never have to work for anyone else for the rest of your life.

This masterclass features a special segment for business owners you if:



💰 You are in the “IDEA PHASE” or just getting started in business

💰 Your business is up and running but you need clarity/success strategies

💰 You are planning to launch a NEW PRODUCT or service in the next 90 days

💰 You need lead generation and lead conversion systems and strategies

💰 Your business is NOT making the KIND OF MONEY you deserve

💰 You need STRATEGIC PARTNERS and a SUPPORT TEAM who can help you grow your business


Plus: We Will Promote You and Your Business at This Event!

This business course has already helped thousands!
get ready, you could be next!

We are certain that you will love this training. Circle of Champions is committed to helping you become your own boss and reclaim your freedom!

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